Dale K. Nishikawa





Chief Executive Officer of a full-service real estate company was not something Dale originally set out to be. For many years, he aspired to be a professional trombonist, either with a major symphony orchestra, or more likely, as a studio musician. However, a healthy dose of reality set in, and he gave up his musical aspirations and left Hawaii to attend Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota. Dale earned his B.A and graduated magna cum laude in Economics and Mathematics in 1975. After a year in San Francisco as a financial analyst and Assistant to the President of an equipment leasing firm, Dale received a Doctoral Fellowship along with an Earhart Fellowship, to attend the PhD. Program at the University of Chicago, Graduate School of Business. He received his MBA in Finance from Chicago in 1978. But winters in Minnesota and Chicago can make the sun and surf of Hawaii seem extremely tantalizing and Dale came home with his Chicago MBA to spend what would turn out to be two years at Dillingham Corporation. There, he trained in the Corporate Treasury and Commercial Real Estate departments before being posted to the General Manager’s office at Ala Moana Center. In 1980, the lure of entrepreneurship led him to join Marcus and Associates, a local real estate firm founded in 1971 by his older brother Marcus. Dale started the firm’s Commercial Real Estate Division and served as Vice President. In 1984, he was appointed President and Chief Operating Officer, and in 1997, assumed the position of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Dale and Marcus were joined in 1983 by Norman Noguchi who is President and Chief Operating Officer of the Company. Their vision was to create a real estate company large enough and with the necessary expertise to handle all of their clients’ real estate needs, while remaining small enough to give personal attention to each of their clients. Today, Marcus and Associates, Inc. and its affiliated companies has fulfilled that vision with Residential Brokerage, Commercial Leasing and Brokerage, Asset and Property Management, General Contracting, and Mortgage Brokerage. With offices on Oahu and Maui and a staff of over sixty professionals and administrative support, Marcus and Associates, Inc. remains a locally-owned firm, independent from mainland franchises, that enjoys an impeccable reputation for professionalism and service while priding itself on creating and maintaining long-term relationships with its many clients. The extremely high rate of referrals from past clients and the volume of repeat business is a testament to the success of this philosophy and a major reason for the firm’s stability and longevity. Although extremely proud of the Company, Dale is even prouder of his two daughters, Megan and Kate. He is an enthusiastic audiophile (“stereo nut”) who still owns hundreds of vinyl records , is a lover of fine wine and food (although he cooks with more enthusiasm than skill), is a dedicated member of Clark Hatch Fitness Center (where he swears the weights are getting heavier each year), and an occasional golfer (who used to be a lot better a few years ago). Quite a few years ago, when searching for a tag line for an ad, Dale came up with the slogan, “Marcus and Associates, the best decision you’ll ever make.” As far as choosing a real estate company, Dale believed it then and believes it even more today. If you have a need for a real estate company, choose Marcus and Associates. You’ll see that it’s true!