Darilyn M. M. Miura-Kojima





Darilyn began performing since the age of four and dedicated over thirty-seven years of her life to being a professional hula dancer. Hula taught her discipline and gave her the confidence to know that she could do whatever she wanted. Darilyn also worked for over 20 years in dentistry and spent over 7 years in construction. Along the way she became fluent in Japanese and while in construction she learned to accurately evaluate properties and their condition. Her various jobs have allowed her to develop valuable skills such as complex problem solving and clear and precise verbal and written communication, while her outgoing nature and personality has made her an effective and well-liked team member wherever she has worked.

Darilyn is a proud mother of two and stresses the values of compassion, respect, honesty, and patience to her children. Her hobbies include hula, of course, as well as surfing, photography, nurturing bonsai trees, cooking, traveling, and collecting art.

From her earliest days as a hula dancer, Darilyn has always had a fierce desire to be the best she can be at whatever she does, and approaches her career, her family, and even her hobbies with drive and determination. She is definitely someone you want on your side when entering into any transaction or negotiation and you will never doubt her loyalty to you and her determination to do what is in your best interest. Always.