Roy T. Matsui




I have a commitment to share my success with my clients. My motivation to be successful involves improving my professionalism and service to my clients. I am motivated in my desire to be professional through an ongoing commitment to education and training to keep knowledge about current industry affairs and related legislative and economic factors. I feel a sense of accomplishment in assisting individuals or couples by satisfying their particular needs, wants, and concerns in locating and purchasing their first homes. Another motivation for me is to aid property owners in obtaining the highest possible prices for their properties and to assist owners in obtaining the best possible return for their investment through property management or to provide other consulting or appraisal services. To be of better service to my clients, I concentrate on only a few transactions at a time. By working with a maximum of five active “Client Sellers or Buyers”, I can provide my full attention and service as outlined by my 120 Day Plan which lists the latest marketing techniques and how I will keep you updated with weekly reports, etc. I entered the real estate industry in 1974, joining at that time a newly formed company named Marcus and Associates Inc. I take pride in being one of the “original sales staff” that worked together in a one-room office so long ago. I obtained my brokerage license after two years of marketing real estate. Today with 25 years of experience, I take pride in being my client’s and customer’s Realtor for not only a single transaction, but for a lifetime. They can always call on me for any real estate matter that needs attention. My clients appreciate that “professional edge” I provide through my experience and knowledge. I have won awards for “Top Listor of the Year”, “Top Producer of the Year”, “Top Salesman of the Year” several times during my 25 year career as a Realtor.